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Interested in becoming a distributor of Redhill Manufacturing products?

Redhill supports distributors with a full colour catalogue, that can be personalised with your business details, and an online media gallery, enabling you to actively promote products to customers.

As Redhill doesn't deal directly with the end user, our distributor network represents a vitally important means of bringing our products to market. For this reason, we have invested heavily in supporting our distributor network, ensuring you maximise your sales effort.

This takes the form of a full colour A4 catalogue, displaying our complete product range, with a bespoke cover that can be personalised with your company details.

Produced annually for you to distribute to your customers, and available in bulk, the Redhill catalogue enables you to actively promote our complete range of handling, access and storage solutions, with full colour images and product descriptions. Prices aren’t included, allowing you to set your own pricing policy.

In addition, we have also invested in an online media gallery, containing a wide range of product photography, videos, press releases and catalogue pages. This is available to our distributor network to help you promote products to customers, and can be accessed simply by logging on and following the onscreen instructions.

By providing this level of distributor support, we are actively helping you to promote our products, enabling you to realise a higher volume of sales simply and efficiently.

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